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24 06 2008

I made this video for presentations on new media festivals. They require certain idiosyncratic dramaturgy.

As such, this video is not really enjoyable as a work of art per se, it rather serves as a kind of documentary / conceptual / technical description of the interactive media piece it presents.

Nevertheless, it shows very well the Unreal 99 engine put to uses the makers of the game never thought of.

My powerpoint on the general topic of game engine modding vs nefarious artistic intentions.

Get it from my site.

Still more coming, I hope …




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8 07 2008

I only just finished reading 1984, so I’m really intruiged by this…

It could prove a very effective training method for politicians, if the crowd reaction is actually accurate. Or perhaps as it registers tone of voice (if I understand correctly) it could help any person to play the crowd.

As an installment of art it’s somewhat scary, there’s something about ‘the masses’ deciding on the words of clever people make up that makes me feel a bit… umheimlich. And also powerhungry. Possibly.

12 07 2008

Yes, something very ‘1984’ about this… I hate thinking that people are just slaves to interests pushed onto them by those in power… but the more I read about it, the more it seems to be the case. Spacial design has also been said to be important in shaping how people behave, maybe this could be developed into a game platform 2…

19 07 2008

thank you for the comments, guys
unheimlich is a great word to describe how you feel, and it made me feel accomplished as an author 😉 now srsly, that was exactly my intention to convey
the experience of power and the feelings of uneasiness that a human being must feel when given/confronted with power
that and a lot of irony
I’ve designed the whole interfece to serve this very purpose
I think interface design will definitely be one of the points that I am gonna focus on during our workshop
looking forward to meeting you

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