Beyond Video Games: Serious, Experimental and Pervasive Games > Presentation by Tim Marsh & Eng Tat Khoo

9 07 2008

The growing emergence of interactive digital media and games for purpose beyond video games that are predominately for entertainment, challenges our understanding of games, play and fun. Focusing on serious games, experimental games and pervasive games, we will discuss current trends in the development and use of interactive technologies, design informed from other media such as film, the opportunities that are opening up for artistic creation, and the social and cultural considerations in their wide adoption.


Scent of Art > Workshop by Mei Kei Lai

6 07 2008

This workshop challenges the participants to explore the boundaries of olfactory interface through the combination of art and gameplay.  

The sense of smell is powerful to us in daily life, though unconsciously. It is informative and affective. It warns us of danger and tells us the aroma of food. It also evokes our long lost memory in childhood. However, this powerful sensation is either underestimated or improperly used in the digital world. Could the sense of smell give us more possibilities to enhance the players’ experiences in the virtual environment? 

The participants will be challenged to create their own olfactory game scenarios. This workshop will introduce the background of olfactory gameplay and will discuss how smell is treated differently in various cultures. Then, the participants have to use their sense of smell to explore the scents in Singapore. At last, they will be guided to generate an interactive olfactory story by using various scents.  

# Preparation: Please bring THREE things with you, which can represent the scents of your home country/town. It can be anything, as long as it does not break the airport custom rules 😉 

# Tip 1: Make sure that the scents of the three things will stay long enough until 26th of July (the day of the workshop).  

# Tip 2: Be sure you do not get a cold before you come to the workshop. Otherwise, you will lose the fun of it.


4 07 2008


Short presentations of the Art Camp participants (this is a possible structure – a subject to change):


Session 1

Kanno So / Japan

Andrej Boleslavsky / Slovak Republic

Kai Hong Cheok / Singapore

Gina Haraszti / Hungary 

Bin Wang / China/Singapore


Session 2

Kian Peng Ong / Singapore

Varvara Guljajeva / Estonia 

Luong Tu Dung / Vietnam

Onellyantie Chuah / Indonesia/Singapore


Session 3

Helena Doyle / Ireland

Muhammad Hidayat Sembiring / Indonesia

James Hartill / United Kingdom 

Fiona Ling / Singapore

Jeroen Stout / The Netherlands


Session 4

Jihoi Lee / South Korea

Eduardo Gimenez-Cassina / Spain 

Taviphut Praengoen / Thailand

Tobias Leingruber / Germany

“Monkee” Hoi Ieng Lei / China/Macau