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6 07 2008

Hello! Yay, I am first. =)

Fiona here.
From Singapore, nice to meet you all. =)

P.S. Just tell me if you wanna hang out while you’re here. =)

8 07 2008

hello people!

Kai Hong/ Damien here.

From Singapore too, nice to meet you guys.

8 07 2008

wow, new forum…

8 07 2008

Fiona, hanging out will be a must…

8 07 2008

Hah, sure!

You can count on us Singaporeans to show you around.

What do you wanna do first?

Shop? Club? Eat? (Lots of great food here!)

Tell me. I’ll be your tour guide. =)

P.S. Let me know if you guys are staying extra days, I can plan more activities. =)

8 07 2008

really can’t wait to meet you guys! =)

8 07 2008

Ya and if you guys want some entertainment. Fiona can sing really well , chinese songs are her specialty.

9 07 2008

Its good to see activities in this blog. FYI there are many participants/facilitators/advisors who are already in Singapore and know Singapore pretty well. So dont hesitate to ask anyone here in the forum about anything.

Fiona, we would love to hear you sing 🙂

9 07 2008

Oh God, No.

I can hardly speak Chinese.

Bin’s being mean. 😦

I could sing an english song tho. 🙂

10 07 2008

hahaha. Yes people . Just a list of guys who are already here.

Bin aka kian peng ONG
Fiona aka singer
Wang Bin (My name brother)

10 07 2008

Hi again!

By the way guys, we’re having an early get together session on the 19th of July.

So if anyone’s arriving early, you guys can email me. =) or reply here.
I’ll find some way to contact you. heh. =P

11 07 2008


12 07 2008

Ok, Where’s everybody.

14 07 2008
Bin ( kian peng Ong)

Hi all, I’m sure you have received the mails and I must say that the hotel you are going to stay in is really nice and situated in a really good location. There are galleries, theatres and clubs and it is near the singapore river, which is probably one of the most bustling areas in singapore with great historical background. I can go on and on but I won’t. Anyway I just want to say if anyone is uncomfortable travelling alone, I can pick you up at the airport ( if i am free ) . See you soon!

14 07 2008

Im there for you guys! Actually Im very free. =)

Nightlife anyone? =P

15 07 2008

Hi, everyone

Onel here.
Nice to know you all 😀

15 07 2008
Andrej Boleslavsky

Sure Fiona! I’m curious about nightlife in Singapore :). I would love to go to dubstep party!

16 07 2008

Hey its Helena, can’t wait to get going! I’m up for experiencing some night life with you Fiona…and some local dishes would be nice, locals always know best!

16 07 2008

Hey guys,
Just to inform you that there’ll be some optional events that you may want to attend:

– Friday 25th July ISEA Clubnite @ Post-museum (performance, meet ISEA participants etc possible cover charge)
– Sunday 27nd JulyElectronic music concert around improvisation @ Night and Day Gallery and Bar (cover charge approx 18SGD and you get 1 drink)

Few blocks from the hotel you have nice clubs/restaurants area. Good news, for female participants, Wednesday is ladies nite…we’ll be spoiled.

I let Fiona to explore and promote more, i bet she has lot of great ideas.

16 07 2008

OH Yessss. I do. *evil smirk*

Let me know what kind of music you guys like,

as well as whether you guys just wanna hang out at a pub/cafe/drinking place, or dance at a club as well. =)


Um. I kinda like Gallery Hotel, but i’ve never been there, each room has a different art work. I wanna bunk in someones room one day, and see everyone’s room! Please? I asked really nicely. =P

17 07 2008

Talking about local dishes..Here are some that you guys must definitely try!!

-Hainanese chicken rice

There are alot more so let’s go try it out together 🙂

19 07 2008

A few of our foreign friends have already arrived in Singapore.

And more to come!

Lets do a MAJOR icebreaking session when we meet. =)

See ya guys. =)

7 09 2008

hello, do you ever come back here? today, i have sent out a call for input into our post camp publication. check it out, please, pavel

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