Andrej BOLESLAVSKY | Slovakia
Andrej is an artist and designer born in 1981 in Nitra, Slovakia. Until year 2000, he studied Electrotechnical High School. After finishing school, he started to work as a designer in the field of interactive media, simulation, e-learning and virtual reality. Currently he works as a game designer for Bohemia Interactive. He also focuses on generative art and physical computing and has lectured on these topics on 2 workshops recently. 

Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

Eduardo was born in Madrid on the hottest day of a heat wave in the summer of 1986. He studied in French and Spanish schools before moving to India where he completed his baccalaureate. It was in India and his further travels through Asia that he developed his “artistic self”, in a continuous evolution through the Glasgow School of Art from where he will graduate in June 2008. Next October, he will continue his art education doing a postgraduate course at the Cyprus College of Art.

Fiona LING | Singapore
School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Fiona is 20 years old and currently studying in New Media in Republic Polytechnic. Her interests are watching movies, penning poems, appreciating art, playing games, chilling at cafes with friends, singing and dancing. Her dream is to be a film producer, designer or a photographer.

Gina HARASZTI | Hungary
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Hungary

Gina is finishing her last year at Intermedia Department in Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Germany. She is also working with Kitchen Budapest and using technological developments to facilitate creative expression in ways that have never been tried. In the last 2 years, she has been working in different media with regard to experimental and/or interactive motion pictures, re-contextualization in urban space, visual communiation, locative media and game development.

Helena DOYLE | Ireland
Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Ireland

Helena has always shown a natural artistic flair and out of a love for photography came an interest in film. She started making short films with the Young Irish Films Makers when she was 16. After finishing school, she went straight into studying Film & Television Production in IADT, Dun Laoghaire, which she has just completed this year. Throughout her years in the course, she showed a unique, colourful and quirky visual style in all her work and in her final year, she specialized as an experimental director and editor. She wants to go on to work in the visual arts industry.

James HARTILL | United Kingdom
University College Falmouth, United Kingdom

James is currently studying for his MA Fine Art in University College Falmouth, United Kingdom. His works are largely involving computer-generated animation and he developed his individual style of animation using computer-generated imaginery. His recent work looked to mimic the interface images and technology place between humans and reality.

Jeroen STOUT | The Netherlands
Utrecht School of the Arts, The Netherlands

Jeroen grew up inspired by the arts such as film, literature and music and have become fascinated with interactive forms of story-telling. In his work, he hopes to explore new yet familiar situations and emotions. With games, his goal is to combine new relevant gameplay with fascinating and emotionally charged story-telling.

Jihoi LEE | South Korea
Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK

Jihoi is currently studying for her MA on Studio Practice and Contemporary Critical Study at Goldsmiths College, UK. She has also studied in Prep’art, La Préparatoire Aux Ecoles Supérieures d’Art Publiques in Paris (France) and Ewha Women University in Seoul (Korea). Her work is project based, site-specific, collaborative and interdisciplinary.

Kai Hong CHEOK | Singapore
School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Kai Hong had been through the education of Multimedia Technology in ITE Macpherson where he learnt about Macromedia Flash and 3D Studio Max. He also accomplished a flash game by using Macromedia Flash. With the understanding of programming codes, using of images and audio, and setting of game rules, he was able to fulfil the requirements of his Final Year Project. He is currently a student in Republic Polytechnic, currently taking Diploma of Design for Interactivity in School of Technology for the Arts. He took up the diploma due to his interest in interactivity stuff such as game design, playing computer games and his passion in creating games of his own.

Kanno SO | Japan
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Japan

Graduated from the department of Design Informatics from Musashino Art University, Japan and currently studying in IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences of Gifu Prefecture, Japan). His works – “Turntable Sequencer” and “Belles in the Water” won the finalist prize in 2007 Asia Digital Art Award Interactive Art.

Kian Peng ONG | Singapore
Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

Bin is a final year student in Bachelor of Arts in Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. He has a background in the design field and was educated in Temasek Polytechnic’s Interactive Media Design which shaped his sense of aesthetics and later on his interest in Computational Art. He experienced what a cross cultural exchange was like when he interned in Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he worked with MIT students to produce an experimental game.

“Monkee” LEI Hoi Leng | China and Portugal
Polytechnic Institute of Macau, China

Currently in the third year of Multimedia Design at The Polytechnic Institute of Macau, Hoi Leng is keen on the local artistic works. In leisure time, she usually goes for shooting as an assistant in local video works and artistic exhibitions which are organized by local artists.


DUNG Tu Luong | Vietnam
RMIT International University Vietnam

After 3 years of studying Multimedia Design at RMIT in Vietnam and working as a freelance designer, Tu Luong wants to start actively extending her experience from design increasingly towards visual art. She has been actively involved in a range of collaborative projects outside of her university and has been involved with the arts organization – a little blah blah (ALBB) for several years now. She is also the Co-President of the Design Club at RMIT Vietnam and her goal is to become a multimedia artist.

Muhammad Hidayat SEMBIRING | Indonesia
Akindo University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Also known as Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham. He is studying Movie Broadcasting at Akindo University of Yogyakarta. He is interested in New Media Art since 2005 and involved actively since 2006. He is a drummer in band – “diSko”, and also electronic musician who’s especially interested in 8-bit sound music composition from video games. He has been creating experimental electronic music project – Bians.Cult and has established group – VJ numberone project using Pure Data and FreeJ.

Onellyantie CHUAH | Indonesia
Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

Born in 1988, Medan, Indonesia, as the second of four siblings. Enrolled in Sutomo School for 15 years and majored in science during senior high school. She’s interested in games and sports. She has just completed her foundation year in Interactive Art (Media Arts) in Lasalle College of the Arts and will be continuing her 2nd year of studies in August 2008.


Raymond WANG Bin | China
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Raymond is a software and hardware designer in the project team in Social Robiotics Lab, National University of Singapore. He will be completing his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree in National University of Singapore in June 2008. He has 2 years of working experience with software and hardware design and development, CGI (Computer Generated Image) Production, Autodesk 3dsmax, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier.

Taviphut PRAENGOEN | Thailand
CMU Art Museum, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Taviphut was born in 1981 in Bangkok. He graduated from Chiang Mai University in Humanity Faculty. Majored in Psychology and trained for working in Psychiatric hospital in Khao Lak Phang Nga. After the tsunami’s attack, he went back to Chiang Mai to live again and worked as a General Officer in the English Academy. He was a monk for 4 months and currently studying for his Master Degree in Media Arts and Design in Chiang Mai University. He is also undertaking an art project in media study and ethnography lab.

Tobias LEINGRUBER | Germany
New Media Pathway of Merz Akademie, University of Applied Arts, Germany

Tobias is a new media design student from Stuttgart (Germany) who’s interested in digital culture and technology. He is 23 years old and currently spending one semester in New York at the Eyebeam Art & Technology Center. He is part of the FAT Lab artist collective (, and his work is inspired by internet culture and the media itself.


Varvara GULJAJEVA | Estonia
International School of New Media, University of Lübeck, Germany

Varvara is currently studying for her Masters of Science in Digital Media at the International School of New Media, which is an affiliated institute of the University of Lübeck, Germany. She successfully participated in many artistic and technical projects during her studies. In the “Digital Game” course, she was part of the ECHOES ( group building a novel mobile device based pervasive game. She has numerous experiences in media such as internship at PRIX EUROPA, assistant position in the EU project and film work for several partners.

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