Good presentation examples

3 08 2008

Hello fellow artcampers.

Since we didn’t have enough time to talk about ways of presenting stuff, I thought I’d compile a couple of presentations that I really liked and that can be found on the web:

Drew Endy’s talk about genetic programming at the 24th chaos communication congress December 2007.

A talk on data visualisation by Zachary Lieberman for the see-conference in Frankfurt in 2008.

Randy Pausch’s last lecture on how to achieve your childhood dreams at Carnegie Mellon, Sept. 2007.

All of these talks are quite a bit longer than 10 minutes, but you can see how everyone drives their point home (and it’s not just a technical presentation, but people have quite a lot to say) and how you’ll learn quite a bit about the subject and about the person behind the research.

If you have additions to this list, please let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to add them here.

Hope this helps.



4 07 2008


Short presentations of the Art Camp participants (this is a possible structure – a subject to change):


Session 1

Kanno So / Japan

Andrej Boleslavsky / Slovak Republic

Kai Hong Cheok / Singapore

Gina Haraszti / Hungary 

Bin Wang / China/Singapore


Session 2

Kian Peng Ong / Singapore

Varvara Guljajeva / Estonia 

Luong Tu Dung / Vietnam

Onellyantie Chuah / Indonesia/Singapore


Session 3

Helena Doyle / Ireland

Muhammad Hidayat Sembiring / Indonesia

James Hartill / United Kingdom 

Fiona Ling / Singapore

Jeroen Stout / The Netherlands


Session 4

Jihoi Lee / South Korea

Eduardo Gimenez-Cassina / Spain 

Taviphut Praengoen / Thailand

Tobias Leingruber / Germany

“Monkee” Hoi Ieng Lei / China/Macau