Character Design > Workshop by Kiew Sen lieh

30 06 2008

Kiew Sen Lieh, Q in short, has been a pre-production artist for more than 5 years before changing track into teaching art.  He will share pipeline techniques he has used in coming out with fresh ideas for character designs.

The workshop will be conducted on the premise that all participants are brainstorming on an entirely new “Angel” concept.  Workshop participants will sketch ideas together with Q during the session and open constructive critiquing will be encouraged.

During the session, the following character design production pipeline will be covered:  Referencing real life actor, Pre-production research work, Referencing Real Life Actor Types, Character Appeal, Animatable Design, Silhouette Archetype, Avoid Clichés, Getting Feedback.

Please note that this is a 1 hour practical workshop.  Some degree of drawing skills will be required of participants.  This is not a workshop on drawing techniques, but a workshop focusing on the creative process involved in getting the idea and transferring it on paper.